5 Growing Tips for Sedge Success

Our Sedges Make Sense series continues with useful tips on Carex container production. In this series, you’ve learned about sedges for lawn alternatives, containers, meadow and prairie plantings, and rain gardens. We’ve also introduced a comparison chart so you can choose which sedges best fit your project. Stick with us to learn how sedges are growing in popularity and why they make sense for your growing program, green infrastructure projects, and for the ecological landscape market.

There’s a sedge to suit almost any garden situation, so growers have plenty of choices for their growing programs. In container production, Carex need a different regimen than grasses because they tend to be more sensitive to certain conditions. The five tips below will help you manage Carex and ensure your crops are successful.

Click here to download a PDF version. You can also find them on page 33 of our 2017-2018 catalog.

The market for sedges is growing, and sedges make sense if you’re looking to grow, too.

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