A Frightful Day at the Nursery

This past Friday brought out the scary, spooky, and creative side of our team. Our annual Halloween party is always a hit—combining fun and frightful with a tasty lunch. Here are a few highlights from our recent festivities.

John Hoffman
John Hoffman served as Master of Ceremonies for our Halloween Party and costume contest, but his co-host really livened up the party.
Buffet line
Backyard Bistro catered the party, and everyone flocked to the food. There was plenty of Halloween candy to go around, but the blueberry cobbler was the favorite treat.
Costume line-up
A slice of our costume line-up revealed the devilish lengths our team went for Halloween glory.
Magan and Meaghan
Meaghan Ashley, our office coordinator, alighted at the party as the Office Supply Fairy. Magan Agee, our director of sales, gave us her best shot.
Hanging skeleton
This guy made the party frightfully fun and kept an eye on us all.
Pablo Escobar
Pursuing a different kind of scary, Ben Jones channeled notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. On the less scary side, think of him as Mr. Kotter.
This guy is really scared…he hasn’t gotten his spring order in yet. Oh, the horror!
Emily and Maggie as 'Ruby Ribbons' and Greenhouse 62
Emily Neas and Maggie Griffin from our growing team showed their green side. Emily displays her bright colors as Panicum ‘Ruby Ribbons’, while Maggie provides perfect growing conditions as Greenhouse 62.
Hoffman Nursery pumpkin
The party wrapped up with a big thanks from the Hoffmans for the great teamwork. Happy Halloween!

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