Blue Sheep’s Fescue to the Rescue

Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ - a cool-season, “hot” grass for spring and late-winter sales!

Blue Sheep's Fescue

They’re attention-grabbers, for sure. When our ‘Elijah Blue’ liners are grown out in larger containers, such as one gallon and up, foliage spills over and their natural blue color explodes on every blade. They’re hard to resist.

Blue Sheep's Fescue

In the landscape, Blue Sheep’s Fescue combines with spring-blooming perennials and bulbs to form a lovely mosaic. Blue-tinted blooms complete the look.

Blue Sheep's Fescue

Blue Sheep’s Fescue is a favorite for borders and walkways and a natural for decorative urns.

It’s a great time to stock up on Blue Sheep’s Fescue liners.

Available now in 18s, 32s, and 50s.

Email the Hoffman Nursery sales team or call 800-203-8590 to place your order.

Not sure what size is right for you? Check out our size chart here.Blue Sheep's Fescue

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