Brice Davis Elevates Hoffman Nursery Production

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Brice Davis Elevates Hoffman Nursery Production

Nursery Promotes Davis to Production Manager.

Rougemont, NC (13 August 2018) —Hoffman Nursery, Inc. has promoted experienced supervisor Brice Davis to production manager. He joined the nursery in 2016 as production supervisor and immediately advanced the department. Having led distribution centers for several major companies, his experience proved invaluable in revising production layout, organization, and processes. He has improved efficiency and shepherded the department through significant automation upgrades.

In this new role, he is responsible for managing the production, stock, and propagation departments. With experience in supervising production and training in Six Sigma, Kaizen, and inventory control systems, he’s focused on making all these areas more efficient and effective. Chief Operations Officer Scott Epps is pleased to see this move. “With Brice managing the supply chain from stock and propagation to production, the growing department will get high-quality, more consistent liners to manage. Our customers will see outstanding liners that finish quickly and easily.” The move also gives Epps more flexibility to tackle nursery expansions and new projects.

Davis is a favorite around the nursery, managing with a light hand and a ready laugh. He approaches work with thoughtfulness and is quick to understand others’ perspectives. The nursery’s workforce is diverse, so he’s devised strategies to train and engage across multiple languages. He’s also brightened up production with banners, signs, and subtle touches that increase the team’s ownership.

The entire nursery is excited to see how he’ll integrate the stock and propagation departments into the bigger production picture. Says owner John Hoffman, “We’re looking forward to Brice’s leadership and feel great having him take on this role. It continues to promise a bright future for Hoffman Nursery and its customers.”


About Hoffman Nursery, Inc: Founded in Rougemont, North Carolina in 1986, Hoffman Nursery specializes in ornamental and native grass liners for the wholesale trade. They grow over 150 different species and cultivars of grasses, sedges, and grasslike plants, and ship to wholesale customers across North America. Since its founding, the nursery has expanded to include a state-of-the-art greenhouse and production facility and over 60 cold frames and hot houses.

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