Easy to Grow and Finish Beautiful Plants

It’s incredibly encouraging to hear that our customers are doing well and pleased with our grasses. It’s also important for our entire team to hear it. Thus, we take a few moments during the spring rush to share these comments:

  • HNI grasses waiting for shipment“Thanks for your great service…I bought about 5-10 grasses from other companies for 10 times the cost and not even close to your quality.” -Greenhouse manager in NE (4/22/14)
  • “The plants came today and they are perfect.” -Landscape contractor in OH (4/17/14)
  • The production manager of a large, wholesale nursery in New Jersey told us, “..all of our liners from you this year have been beautiful. This makes it easy for us to grow and finish beautiful plants. Thank you.” (4/17/14)
  • ”...the grasses arrived in great shape as always—lush and full.” -Public garden in the midwest (4/14/14)
  • A grower in the Southeast is starting a new grass program and told us, “I really want to express my thanks to you and your team in helping us learn and produce this amazing group of plants…The future is bright for us all, and I so appreciate your help and guidance.” (4/11/14)
  • During an order follow-up, a new customer in Massachusetts said he was thoroughly impressed with the quality and size of the plants and would definitely be ordering from us again. (3/28/14)

Trays of Carex pensylvanicaOkay, back to work and getting those plants out the door! As always, a big thanks to Hoffman Nursery customers. To learn more about working with us, go to Why Choose Hoffman Nursery.

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