Grass Games

Today we bid farewell to several local high school students who’ve been working with us this summer. As a thank-you and goodbye, the nursery served up a fried chicken lunch and pulled out the games. We had a tournament with four teams and four events.

We tossed rings, threw bean bags, pitched ladder balls, and wielded ping pong paddles. Everyone had a good time cheering on colleagues and jumping into the events. We thought you would enjoy seeing our fun lunch and friendly competition!

Maggie and Emily helped organize the games. They're ready to go!
Maggie and Emily helped organize the games, along with Robert. They figured out the tournament brackets, set up the games, briefed everyone, and helped with scoring.
Gathering for lunch
Everyone gathered in the shipping building to say goodbye to our high schoolers and get the scoop on the games.
To build up our strength for the games, we had a real southern meal, with fried chicken and all the fixings.
Ping pong table awaits
The ping pong table awaits the end of lunch and the start of competition.
Teams and score board
We were divided into four teams, with everyone participating in at least one game.
Corn hole
Corn hole, which involves tossing bean bags, was one of the favorites.
Ladder ball
Ladder ball required some tricky skills…but these ladies got the hang of it.
Emily keeps score
Emily recorded results from all the games onto the leaderboard. It was a little chaotic, but she managed to keep track.
John Hoffman
John Hoffman supervised from the sidelines.
Ring toss
The ring toss turned out to be the most difficult, and the competition was fierce.
The gallery
The gallery watched as the tournament wound down and only a few games are still in progress.
The final tally
At the final tally, the Blue Team won, but everyone had a great time.

Thanks to the Hoffmans for the fun lunch and games. We’ll be basking in the glory of our victories and licking our wounds in defeat until next time. All in all, a pretty great day.

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