Growing Great Grass Together

Scott Epps examining grassesThe growing operations we sell to are a pretty knowledgeable bunch. But it’s tough to be an expert on everything. We know that even experienced growers have questions or encounter problems from time to time.

Our team is available to answer questions and offer solutions.

Knowing which grasses fit your programs, finding out what’s new, staying ahead of growing issues—all take time. Hoffman Nursery can save you time and make your job easier.

In recent months, our team consulted with three different growing operations. Here are their stories.

Keeping Standards High

A long-time customer from the Mid-Atlantic region said his Panicum wasn’t performing up to his standards. We know his standards are high—his team grows healthy, beautiful finished containers. Our Nursery Manager, Scott Epps, and Head Grower, Mark Dunlap, made a trip to the nursery. They wanted to see the plants and help figure out what was happening.

They examined the crop, looked at the numbers, and discussed cultural practices with the grower. Mark identified a problem with the EC levels and recommended a change in the fertilizer regimen. In addition, they found rust on some of the plants. Scott and Mark are working with the nursery’s IPM manager to tweak the fungicide rotation and reduce disease incidence.

Finally, Scott and Mark walked through all the grass crops and talked with the grower about his grass program. He said quality liners are critical for them, and he’s very pleased with the quality and consistency he gets with Hoffman Nursery.

A Closer Look

The Production Manager at a large, southern nursery told us they were consistently losing a small percentage of their Mexican Feather Grass each summer. Nassella tenuissima is a big seller for them, so even a small percentage is troubling. Scott Epps and Ryan Lambert, our Production Manager, were attending a conference in the area. They stopped by the nursery to see if they could help.

Nassella tenuissima is popular in the landscape

After examining the crop and talking with the growing team, they were fairly sure the plants needed a different irrigation regimen. Nassella tenuissima is a cool season plant that goes dormant in summer. It needs good drainage during that period. Crews at the nursery were watering the crop heavily during summer. There were low spots in the growing area and water marks on some containers. Scott and Ryan recommended reducing irrigation during the dormant period and eliminating standing water.

In addition, spent seeds heads on this plant can mat together when the flower set is heavy. This reduces air flow and can encourage disease. Our team suggested removing the spent seed heads after they’ve bloomed. Making these changes should reduce their losses and produce a better crop.

The grower was also having some trouble overwintering Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’. Fountain Grasses can have difficulties during dormancy if they’re kept too wet, especially when grown outside. The team recommended growing these in a covered house so the growing team can better control moisture levels and moderate temperature extremes.

Walking the Nursery

Finished gallon of Carex pensylvanicaWhen we got the call, we were thrilled. The production manager and a sales representative from a large nursery in New Jersey were touring the East Coast, stopping in to visit their suppliers. They toured our facilities and talked with our production and growing teams. They had a chance to see how we manage our grasses, ask questions, and talk about new varieties we’re growing.

After their visit, they sent a gracious thank you for hosting them. We’ve done business with them for years, and it’s a great collaboration. They summed up pretty well why this partnership works: “It is great to work with liner suppliers like you all who are willing to share information and help us to grow a better plant. Our customers are always super happy with our grass production, and for this, we owe you an even bigger thank you.” We couldn’t ask for a better thank-you than that.

Building a Relationship

Hoffman Nursery gives you more than a grass liner. Each plant is backed by more than 25 years of grass knowledge and experience. Our goal is to make sure your grass programs are successful. If you’re having difficulties, let’s tackle them before they become big problems.

Tell us what’s happening with your grasses, ask us questions, and let us know how we can help. With your know-how and our top-quality liners and support, we can grow great grasses!

To learn more about the advantages of working with us, go to our GrassSolutions™ page.

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