Growing the Urban Landscape Market

Article in American NurserymanIn earlier posts, we’ve written about getting involved with green infrastructure and the NC Low Impact Development Summit. For the NC Summit, we helped develop a survey about the role of plants in low impact development and green infrastructure. The results of that survey led to an article in this month’s American Nurseryman magazine.

Our Marketing Director, Shannon Currey, co-authored the article with Debbie Hamrick, a colleague with NC Farm Bureau who is an advisor to the NC Green Industry Council (NCGIC). Shannon and Debbie worked together on the survey construction and results summary. Debbie was also instrumental in planning a NCGIC water conference that focused on green infrastructure.

In the article, they discuss how green infrastructure offers the nursery industry a new market for plants and horticultural services. Read the full article in the digital edition or website edition of American Nurseryman.

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