Hoffman Nursery Folks Talk Grasses to Industry Pros

Shannon CurreyShannon Currey at OSU Short Course, Columbus, OH

Shannon Currey, Director of Sales and Marketing, had a great crowd for her talk “Great Grasses and Spectacular Sedges” last Monday, January 13, 2014. With lots of landscapers in the audience, she fielded questions about the function of grasses and sedges in the landscape. For example, participants wanted to know which sedges work in shade and in moist areas. If you missed out on this presentation, download Shannon’s handout in PDF format: Great Grasses & Spectacular Sedges-OSU Short Course 2014.

Scott Epps, Nursery ManagerScott Epps at Green & Growin’, Greensboro, NC

Nursery Manager, Scott Epps presented “Looking Ahead with Grasses and Sedges” on January 14, 2014 to a fabulous audience of nursery professionals at the Green and Growin’ show just down the road in Greensboro, NC. He talked about trends in grasses and sedges and what’s hot now. The handouts went fast, and some folks were left out. If you would like a handout, download this PDF file: Looking Ahead with Grasses & Sedges-Green & Growin’ 2014.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to the organizers of OSU Short Course and Green & Growin’!

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