Hoffman Nursery Leaps Forward with R&D Horticulturist

Our growing team just took a leap forward with the addition of Leanne Kenealy as Research & Development Horticulturist. She will concentrate on finding optimal growing methods and developing new product lines. Her research will address a wide range of options for best practices, plant health, and efficient growing systems.

Leanne has a Masters in Horticulture from Clemson University in South Carolina. While there, she worked on peach tree breeding and conducted annuals trials. She was most recently with Moore Farms Botanical Garden in Lake City, South Carolina. where she advanced from grower to production coordinator. She scheduled, produced, and maintained all nursery and greenhouse crops for the garden.

Her initial research at the nursery will focus on optimizing the new greenhouse facility to grow high quality liners more quickly and efficiently. In early 2016, the nursery added 17,000 sq. feet of greenhouse space, and another 17,000 sq. ft. will come online March 2017. “I am thrilled to work with the new technology in the greenhouse and to be in an environment with the best tools at hand,” says Leanne. “I enjoy the research process and believe it can help us streamline our methods and better understand our plants.The new facility and research program show Hoffman Nursery’s dedication to innovation and efficiency.”

Her research efforts should reap benefits for Hoffman Nursery’s customers. The goal is to produce ideal trays that ship well, pot up easily, and finish quickly. She will standardize and expand the existing trial program. New plants will move through the pipeline more quickly and get comprehensive assessments, resulting in sound selections for customers.

Leanne is a real plant person. She was selected for the International Plant Propagators’ Society exchange program and traveled to England for the EU Region conference. In her spare time, she enjoys grafting and working with deciduous conifers, especially Taxodium, which is her favorite non-grass plant. She also loves traveling anywhere where gardens and breweries are in close proximity. Ireland and Charlottesville, Virginia are two of her favorites spots.

We are very excited to have Leanne as part of our team.

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