Hoffman Nursery Winter Summit

The Hoffman Nursery team started off 2019 with a new event—a three-day Winter Summit. We have a diverse workforce spanning several departments, and our time together is limited. We held the summit to update everyone, consolidate administrative meetings, and strengthen our team. We started the summit with a pancake breakfast and general announcements. Human Resources (HR) recognized employees with January birthdays, followed by a presentation on our core values. We wrapped up the morning with policy and safety training sessions.

After lunch, Jill Hoffman updated us on the state of the nursery and plans for the coming year. Following a brief Q&A session, everyone pinned their names onto a large world map to show where they were born. It was fascinating to see all the places people marked and learn we have employees from four continents.

We finished Day One with team-building exercises. In the first challenge, teams competed to construct towers using spaghetti, marshmallows, tape, and string. It was harder than it looked, and our employees’ cooperation and problem-solving skills really showed. Teams also competed as balloon trolleys, forming a line and trying to walk while holding a balloon between each member. Afterward, teams formed circles and kept balloons aloft by batting them to each other. We laughed so hard we could only sustain it for a few minutes! The day also included a marble-passing game and a paper airplane contest. We have some pretty amazing engineers at our nursery!

Days Two and Three of the summit began with departmental training and more HR and safety presentations. Donuts and snacks increased the popularity of these sessions. The afternoon of Day Two, we held the Hoffman Games. Teams played ping-pong, ladder ball, corn hole, and ring toss. The day wrapped up with a championship playoff in corn hole and ring toss.

There was a strong sense of camaraderie throughout the summit, and we had a great time. At the end of the summit, everyone joined together for our community service project: packing meals for Rise Against Hunger.

We’ll fill you in on the details in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

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