A Home Gardener’s Passion for Ornamental Grasses

John Markowski’s passion for gardening and grasses comes through in his online blog, An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener.

An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener

John writes delightful snippets about his life as a father, but his love of ornamental grasses brought this blog to our attention. He manages to make our mouths water with his beautiful photos and real-life grass portrayals gained from his home gardening experiences.

Panicum 'Northwind' by John Markowski
Panicum ‘Northwind’ in John Markowski’s New Jersey garden

In a recent post, Checking Out More of My Ornamental Grasses, John features the view as he looks out over his summer garden. A photo highlights one of his favorite grasses, 2014 Perennial Plant of the Year™ Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ (Upright Switchgrass).

The Panicum’s blue-green leaves act as a backdrop for the hanging seed heads of native grass Chasmanthium latifolium (River Oats)—and the effect is stunning. John tells it like it is, noting his stand of River Oats is planted where they can “seed to their heart’s content…”

Whether you just caught the gardening bug, or it’s already “got you good,” check out An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener. It sure caught us!

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