Liners in the Landscape Make Sense

Get your landscape projects off to the right start.

With our wide selection of grasses and sedges, landscape contractors often turn to us for plants that are hard to find in larger sizes. Getting the plant you need is crucial, but there are added benefits to using liners in the landscape. Well-rooted liners are ready to take off when planted in the ground.

It makes good horticultural sense. The soil volume in a small container is limited, yet plants continue to photosynthesize. That excess energy is stored for future use in the root system. When liner plants are freed from their container, this stockpiled vigor bursts into action. Liners typically catch up to larger, finished plants in one or two growing seasons.

To see more benefits, see our infographic below.

If you’re going with liners, it also makes sense to get them from Hoffman Nursery. The value you get from us stands out in the trade. You get a wider selection than you can find elsewhere, especially for North American native species. Furthermore, you have the support and expertise of our experienced team. We never leave you in the dark—you’ll know what’s happening and when.

Plan ahead and reserve your plants now for the best availability. You can check out what’s in stock now and see future crops here. We can even custom grow for your project, so you’ll have the perfect plant at the perfect time in the perfect size.

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