We Have a New Sales Director!

Great news at Hoffman Nursery. Magan Agee has taken the position of Director of Sales. Having served as our Sales and Customer Service Coordinator since late 2011, she now oversees the sales team and all customer services. Most of you already know Magan. If you do, you’ll understand why this was a natural choice.

Magan Agee, Director of Sales
Magan Agee has been appointed Hoffman Nursery’s Director of Sales.

Magan came to the nursery with retail sales experience outside the green industry. After joining the Hoffman Nursery team in 2009, she rapidly gained a firm knowledge of grasses. According to John Hoffman, “Magan has become well-informed and educated about grasses. She advises growers on their grass programs and can recommend grasses for all kinds of situations. She has built strong relationships with customers—they tell us it’s a pleasure to work with Magan.”

The opportunity to develop the sales department further is exciting for Magan. “I love this job and working for Hoffman Nursery. I’m thrilled to see us growing and look forward to finding new ways to work with our customers.” She’s also committed to learning more. To complement her on-the-job experience, she is working on a degree in agricultural business management with a minor in horticulture at North Carolina State University.

If you talk with Magan, please congratulate her. We think she’s amazing and appreciate her taking on this big job!

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