New Stockbed Boost

Blue Sheep's Fescue gallonAs any grower will tell you, stock quality has a huge effect on the finished crop. Plants made from healthy, vigorous stock are more consistent, finish more quickly, and are more resistant to pest problems. Consequently, the crop needs fewer inputs, so it’s much more cost efficient. To produce top-quality liners that will finish well for our customers, we have to use top-quality stock.

At Hoffman Nursery, we grow stock material using several different methods. Many of the larger, more vigorous grasses are grown in raised beds and stock fields. Raised beds offer a lot of control over the growing environment compared to field-grown stock—we can use better soil mixes, target fertilizer, and irrigate with less waste. Stock beds produce high-quality stock plants while using resources more efficiently. That’s why we’re adding 10 new stock beds to the nursery. The new beds will provide room for 12,000 more plants, and we’re thrilled with the addition.

New stockbedsMost of the beds are complete and have been planted with our beefy liners. You know what that means—more great stock plants. We look forward to splitting them into fabulous liners for you!

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