Nursery Management Magazine Talks with HNI

Nursery Management MagazineIn October of 2014, Hoffman Nursery co-owners John and Jill Hoffman attended a meeting of growers sponsored by Nursery Management. The gathering was dubbed the Nursery Grower Business Coalition, and it included green industry representatives from across the country. Participants discussed many of the major issues facing the industry.

The editors combined feedback from the meeting and their conversations with attendees afterwards into a summary in the May 2015 edition of Nursery Management. It makes compelling reading, as they tackle the big issues and share information.

You can find Hoffman Nursery in articles throughout the edition:Finding a Niche

“Don’t Compete on Price” (pp. 20-23)
“Finding a Niche” (pp. 36-38)
“Labor from Around the World” (p. 60)

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