Rise Against Hunger

In an earlier post, we wrote about starting 2019 with a new event—a three-day Winter Summit. The last day of the summit, we partnered with Rise Against Hunger (RAH) to package meals. They’re an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and aid to vulnerable populations around the world. RAH partners with other organizations to provide food and change the lives of those who are underserved. They strive to promote education, improve health and nutrition, and stimulate economic growth

RAH enlists volunteers to assemble and pack meals for the food distribution program. Their staff came to the nursery to coordinate the process. Each dehydrated meal is nutritionally complete, containing rice, soy, vegetables, and essential vitamins and minerals. The nursery funded the meals and provided space, tables, and volunteers. Runners delivered supplies to the filling stations, packers assembled the ingredients, measurers ensured all meals weighed the same, and closers sealed the meals in bags. Finally, packers filled boxes with the packaged meals and loaded them on the truck.

In less than two hours, our team packaged over 10,152 meals for those in need in Haiti and Mozambique. It was amazing to see our entire organization come together for this event. People stepped up to lead when needed, had fun working side-by-side, and encouraged each other to reach our meal-assembly goal. The RAH crew reported that we finished earlier and had less waste than any other team they had worked with, so we are very proud of our folks. One of our core values is to Celebrate Success, and we certainly did that!

This was our second Rise Against Hunger event, and we plan on repeating it. We had a wonderful time volunteering for this great organization and ended the day feeling very fulfilled. To get more information and learn how you can volunteer, visit: www.riseagainsthunger.org.

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