School of Grasses

Hoffman Nursery grasses went to school this week. The Montessori Children’s House of Durham (MCHD), a local school for kids 18 months through 6th grade, completed a new campus last year. In everyday learning in the Montessori classroom, teachers guide the children toward observing the wonders of the natural world. School officials wanted to surround the students with a landscape that was interesting, engaging, and different.
MCHD Front signScott Epps, Nursery Manager at Hoffman Nursery, is a big fan of MCHD. His children attend the school, and he knew the landscape budget would not cover everything they wanted to do. This spring, through Scott’s efforts, Hoffman Nursery donated over 6000 grasses for the landscape at the school. Many of the grasses were surplus or leftover from custom projects, and it took a while to incorporate them into an overall landscape plan. The site is steeply sloped, so getting the drainage right and controlling erosion was critical.
MCHD Driveway slope

The site is large, and post-construction bareness and drainage problems had left it pretty bleak. What has emerged this spring is a landscape that’s ripe with possibility. We went by the school this week to see the installation. They are making fantastic progress! The dominant look is mulch at this point, but the majority of the material has been installed, and the plants should fill in beautifully over time.

MCHD_Front_sweepsWith the large quantity of grasses the nursery donated, the plantings could include big sweeps that are repeated throughout the site. The grasses will help control erosion on slopes, create structure, and add movement and sound to the landscape. Happy Sayre-McCord, Head of School, is an avid gardener, and she is excited to see the movement the grasses have already brought to the landscape. When the plantings are mature, it will be truly eye-catching.

This project makes everyone feel good, and Hoffman Nursery is pleased to be a part of it. We’ll keep you posted on how the landscape grows.

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