Share the Positive

It’s been our busiest season ever, and we’re grateful to everyone for the support. Our team works hard to ensure a great product and a great experience for our customers. As summer winds down, we wanted to pass along the positivity you’ve shared with us this season.

  • “I have never been so happy with a nursery as with Hoffman!” -Landscape designer and contractor in Louisiana
  • Liners ready to shipFrom a wholesale grower in Pennsylvania, “The Carex we got from you guys were great, and getting a call from Magan to see how it arrived was awesome.”
  • From a botanical garden in the Southeast, “Plants look fabulous as usual. I deal with a LOT of nurseries; your stock is always amongst the best, if not the best. Please let all who contribute to this know that it is much appreciated!”
  • “You guys send me a gorgeous load of material that I will be selling in mere weeks. Thank you, and thank your crew, ‘cause that was just what I needed.” -Wholesale grower in New Jersey
  • From an estate garden in Pennsylvania, “Thanks so much for the follow up. Everything looks great! Thanks for supplying such fantastic plants!”
  • “As usual the order from Hoffmann arrived perfectly, and the plants are all beautiful robust and healthy.” -Landscape contractor in Connecticut
  • “Plug quality is outstanding. I really appreciate the bulk on these 72’s.” -Nursery manager at a Canadian wholesale nursery
  • From a wholesale nursery in Virginia, “Let everyone know that my grasses are beautiful this year thanks to you guys.”
  • From a new customer in Michigan, “Beautiful product. Best I have ever seen.”
  • “What absolutely beautiful plants! I’m very impressed with how full & healthy they were, especially considering the extreme summer heat that they came through to get here. Yet they arrived with plenty of moisture and perfect foliage.” -Landscape designer and contractor in Ohio

Racks full of grasses ready to ship

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