The Tranquil Hakone Grass


While we love the variegated and gold Hakonechloa macra cultivars (‘All Gold’ and ‘Aureola’), there’s a special, tranquil quality to the green-leaved form.

Hakone Grass

And, another important quality? It tolerates more sun and drier soil than its colorful Hakone Grass cousins.

Hakone Grass

Quick Facts

  • Warm season
  • 1.5’-2’
  • Likes moist, organic soil and shade
  • Zones 4-7
  • Softens hardscapes and great for containers
  • Faster growing and more hardy than other Hakone Grasses

Crops Available Now!

Lovely Hakonechloa macra crops are ready to go (32-cell size). To place your order, email our sales team or call 800-203-8590. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hakone Grass

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