Unexpected Container Grasses

Containers aren’t just for flowers, and grasses aren’t just for ground covers and borders. Mix it up and use grasses to add personality, texture, and color to containers. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite grasses that you might not have thought of using in containers. These four selections look superb alone or paired with other plants.

Muhlenbergia capillaris is an all-time favorite and a total showstopper. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also drought tolerant with an undemanding nature. Pink Muhly Grass grows in a mound with erect, blue-green foliage until September when spectacular, billowing pink seed heads form a cotton-candy crown. The wispy foliage and ethereal blooms contrast beautifully with broad-leaved plants. It’s most often planted in masses, but it takes well to containers and provides a big, showy display that’s out of the ordinary.

We introduced Lumen Gold Fountain Grass earlier this year to our collection of Pennisetum. In general, Pennisetum are great for containers, but there’s something special about the color of Lumen Gold. The foliage emerges bright gold in spring and softens to lemon in early summer. Its rounded, compact habit and arching foliage complement almost any decorative container. It’s a bright pop of color for spring display.

Looking for something to go alongside a pool, pond, or water feature? Look no further than Blue Arrows Rush. Often grown as a wetland plant, Juncus inflexus ‘Blue Arrows’ handles dry conditions once established. And it thrives in heat and full sun. The soft color and beautiful, upright form make it irresistible in container combos.

Known for its gorgeous blue foliage, Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ is also one of the most dependable Fescues. Less than one-foot tall, it grows in a tight clump, which highlights its striking blue color. Blu Sheep’s Fescue is a cool season grower and maintains its color throughout the winter months.

We encourage you to try these unexpected choices. There are plenty more to choose from, too, as grasses perform well in the quick-draining media of containers. For more options, see our full list of grasses that are outstanding in containers.

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