We’ll Be in Touch

We’re at the height of the season, with tens of thousands of liners shipping each week. If you’re receiving plants from us, you may have noticed we call or email you at least twice during the process. Why all the contact?

Robert Elder
Robert Elder calls customers before and after each shipment to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Ready to Receive?

The week before an order is scheduled to ship, Magan or Robert will contact you about the upcoming shipment. It gives you an opportunity to make adjustments, add plants if needed, and re-confirm the order. If there are delays or substitutions, it lets you know ahead of time so you can plan for it.

We know schedules change and ship dates can fall off the radar, so checking in ensures the plants arrive when you’re ready for them.

Follow-Up and Feedback

Once the plants ship, we contact you a few days afterward to see if they arrived in good condition. We ship full, healthy, well-rooted liners, so most of the time we hear nothing but positive comments.

On occasion, though, it hasn’t gone as expected. The shipment was delayed…or the plants got bounced out of their trays…or a tray was missing. Sometimes, the news isn’t good. And that’s one of the reasons we contact you.

Magan Agee
Our Director of Sales, Magan Agee, enjoys talking with customers and getting to know their grass programs.

We strive to be better with every single shipment. If we don’t know there was a problem, it’s hard to prevent. So we call to make sure you’re happy with the plants and to find out if anything is amiss. When it’s less than perfect, we do what we can to remedy the situation, and we look for ways to make it better next time.

More Than a Call

Our communications with you go beyond selling a plant—we provide support, guidance, and expertise. We can help with selecting the best grasses for your program. We’ll connect you with our growers to answer questions and catch any problems early.

We also really enjoy catching up with established customers and getting to know our newer ones. Knowing your grass program and your needs helps us respond better to you. And we receive valuable feedback.

That’s why we’ll be in touch.

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