Zone Map 5-8

Growth Cycle

Growth Cycle - Cool Growth Cycle - Cool Cool
Bloom: Bloom Season Scale
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Late Spring


  • Thrives in wet areas
  • Shade Tolerant


  • Growth rate: slow
  • Can be grown in 1, 2 or 3 gallon
  • Prefers moist soil
  • Watering: keep wet, likes constant water; if plant dries out or is given too much sun, it will easily dry out and burn
  • Fertilizing: slow-release, low-medium-rate fertilizer
  • Possible pests: aphids, leaf spot, spidermites, Bactra venosana caterpillar, Anthracnose
  • Overwintering: cold frame with clear poly
  • Likes 30-50% shade
  • Responds well to pruning

*Note: please adapt these suggestions as needed to accommodate your local conditions.


  • Bright yellow gold foliage commands attention
  • A fabulous bright spot in a garden pond in up to 3 inches in water garden, at a stream edge or in continuously moist landscape areas
  • Can turn deep chartreuse in color
  • Must have moist conditions
  • Beautiful in decorative containers alone or combined with water-loving plants

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