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Growth Cycle

Growth Cycle - Cool Growth Cycle - Cool Cool
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Early Spring


  • Our Favorites
  • Outstanding in Container
  • Shade Tolerant


  • Growth rate: medium
  • Grow in 1 or 2-gallon containers
  • Grow in well-drained soil; good drainage is important
  • Water needs: keep evenly moist; may be moist-dry but not bone dry
  • Fertilizing: use a slow release, low-medium rate fertilizer; very sensitive to over fertilization
  • Possible pests: aphids, Bactra venosa caterpillar; anthracnose; fungus gnat larvae; Rhizoctonia is possible
  • Overwintering: cold frame with clear poly, keep dry
  • Slow to grow back after being cut back
  • Good air circulation and spacing will reduce fungal problems
  • Can be susceptible to sun scald; protect with shade cloth

*Note: please adapt these suggestions as needed to accommodate your local conditions.


  • Bright lime yellow foliage brightens up shade
  • Color and habit are beautiful and dramatic in containers
  • Foliage emerges lime green, aging to gold
  • Evergreen for a pop of color in winter
  • An easy-care, vigorous grower
  • An outstanding container plant

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