Happy Grass Makes a Happy Customer

A big crop of Blue Lyme Grass left our site in recent weeks, traveling to a Midwestern nursery for a large landscape project. The plants were fat, happy, and a beautiful blue.

The shipment utilized our custom-built, wooden racks. We can vary the number and height of shelves on the pallet, so they’re tailored to meet the requirements of each order. The racks are efficient, too. We can load them on trailers and pull trays directly from the houses. During transit, the plants are protected, air can circulate, and they’re easily unloaded at their destination.

Get a look at how this beautiful Leymus arenarius ‘Blue Dune’ made its trek.

Assembled wooden racks
Our wooden racks are assembled based on the requirements of each shipment. Our goal is to maximize space and efficiency for each order. That helps lower shipping costs and makes unloading more efficient for our customers.
Empty racks on trailers
The shipping crew loaded the empty racks onto trailers, which were transported to the houses.
Fully loaded racks on trailers
The racks were loaded directly from the houses, and the full racks were brought back up to the staging area.
Forklift assembling racks in staging area.
Our Shipping Manager moved the full racks from the trailers to the staging area.
Racks ready for transport
The Blue Lyme Grass in this shipment filled a full truckload.
Plants upon arrival
The Blue Lyme Grass arrived at the destination looking fresh and wonderful. As you can see, the customer was pleased!
Blue Lyme Grass in the landscape
This planting in Cleveland, Ohio, gives you a sense of what Blue Lyme Grass can do.

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