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Shipping Info

Scheduling Your Shipment

Hoffman Nursery chooses the timing and delivery method that best ensures your grasses arrive in good condition. We dispatch large shipments and those to distant destinations early in the week, followed by smaller orders and those going to closer destinations. We aim to have plants arrive before the weekend.

Please keep in mind we do not control the shipping process after shipments leave our site. If plants must arrive by a specific time, please make arrangements with us to ship your order well in advance of your deadline. Under no circumstances can we guarantee the time or date of a shipment.

With rack and pallet shipments, trays are shelved on wooden racks and wrapped for delivery.
With rack and pallet shipments, trays are shelved on wooden racks and wrapped for delivery.

Shipping Methods

Shipping method depends on several factors, including tray quantity and destination. We will choose the method that is most cost-effective and charge actual freight costs. We search for carriers that provide the best prices and service for our customers. If you have a preferred shipping method, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Freight estimates can be provided upon request.

Please note: Handling charge: $4.50 per order • Box charge: $5.75 per box

Contract Trucking: This type of shipment requires a minimum of 500 trays and is available nationwide. Trays are transported on racks and delivered to your location. Charges are based on order size and destination. On occasion, we are able to combine orders to meet the minimum.

Rack & Pallet Shipments: Shipments of more than 24 trays usually ship via common carrier. Trays are shelved on wooden racks and wrapped for delivery. If requested, trays can be boxed and palletized.

To receive your shipment on a rack or pallet, your location must be accessible by tractor trailer, and you must have a forklift or loading dock. If you do not have means to offload a pallet or rack, lift gate service may be available for an additional charge.

Boxed Shipments: Orders of 24 trays or fewer usually ship via FedEx Ground. Plant trays are boxed, with breathable netting clamped on both ends of each tray to hold the plants securely. Upon delivery, cut the netting and pull out the tray. Most liners ship two trays per box. Please provide an established street address for delivery (no post office boxes or construction sites).

Please open boxes immediately upon arrival. Plants that sit too long in boxes are subject to stress and may die.

Customer Pickup: Please call at least two days in advance to arrange a pickup. We will schedule a pickup time and pull plants for your order. If you cannot make the appointed time, please call us as soon as possible. A restocking fee of $25 or 5% of the order total, whichever is greater, may apply if plants are not picked up within 24 hours. We customarily schedule pickups for Wednesday through Friday, especially in the busy season. However, we will work to accommodate your schedule if given advance notice. For our location, go to our contact page.

With boxed shipments, plant trays are wrapped in breathable netting to hold the plants securely.
With boxed shipments, plant trays are wrapped in breathable netting to hold the plants securely.

Shipping Under Adverse Conditions

We may need to delay shipping during extreme weather conditions. If so, we will contact you with a new ship date. There also may be circumstances when timing could jeopardize plant health, for example, when weekend or holiday delays could result in plants remaining in boxes for an extended period of time. If you choose to have us ship your plants under adverse conditions, you must sign a shipping waiver, which releases Hoffman Nursery from responsibility for damages or plant death.

Phytosanitary Certification & Special Treatments

Some countries and U.S. states require a phytosanitary inspection and certificate. Other states may require special treatment to comply with federal or state quarantines and regulations. Additional fees may apply. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Hawaii, Oregon, and Idaho.

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