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Wholesale to the trade only. Prices for individual liners, the number of liners currently in stock, and future availability are listed in the PDF and Excel files.

The Excel version has two tabs. One shows what's in stock now and when the next few crops will be ready. The second tab shows what's in stock now and 12-month availability, which is a running total based off currently planned crops. Choose which view to see by selecting the appropriate tab in the file. 

The PDF version shows current availability and when the next few crops will be ready.

More info:

  • All numbers listed in the availability are number of plants. To get the number of trays, simply divide the number available by the size (18, 32, 72, etc.).
  • We offer several sizes of liners. For descriptions of each, go to Sizes We Offer.
  • Most plants listed on availability can be reserved ahead of time. Crops can sell out, so we encourage you to order early.
  • Royalties are listed in parentheses beside the liner price. To get total cost per plant, add the royalty cost to liner price.
  • If you don’t see what you need, we may be able to find or make it for you. Please give us a call or email.
  • You will need Adobe Reader to view the availability PDF document. If you don’t already have it, get Adobe Reader.

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Our availability, which is for wholesale customers only, also serves as an order form. There are two ways to order using the form:

Get more information about the process on our order page and shipping page.

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