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AgPack Strong: The Young Professional

NCSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences News, December 2018

The spotlight turned to our own David Hoffman at the end of 2018 when he was featured in a Young Professionals profile. North Carolina State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences interviewed him about his career in horticulture. Go, David!

And Old, But New, Greenhouse

Greenhouse Management, December 2018

Our new greenhouse, which we purchased used, has been a huge boon to our business. Read about the benefits and how we came to this decision in Greenhouse Management's supplement, the 2018 Structural Strategies Guide (p. 16)

Three Questions - John Hoffman

Greenhouse Management, October 2018

Greenhouse Management features notable people in the industry with their "Three Questions" column. In October, they talked with John Hoffman about his busy summer and how his travels inform nursery decisions.

Hoffman Nursery Earns Several Kudos at Perennial Plant Symposium

Greenhouse Grower, October 2018

The Perennial Plant Association announced its 2018 Special Awards on July 31, 2018, during its annual Perennial Plant Symposium. At this year’s host site in Raleigh, NC, the organization recognized multiple award recipients, including Hoffman Nursery co-owners John and Jill Hoffman and their son, David Hoffman.

2018 Horticultural Industry Leadership Awards: John Hoffman

Greenhouse Management, July 2018

John Hoffman was one of the recipients of the 2018 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards (HILA) bestowed by Greenhouse Management and Nursery Management. The award was presented at the HILA reception at Cultivate’18 in Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday, July 15, 2018. Now in its second year, the 2018 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards (HILA) honored six recipients who represent the green industry with creativity and compassion. 

Rediscovering Sunlight

Greenhouse Management, July 2018

Hoffman Nursery's Propagation Technician, Jessica Marlowe spoke with Greenhouse Management on how to add value to horticultural crops with the incorporation of new and improved lighting, especially LEDs, into plant production. 

Sustainable Practices Put People First

Sustainable Best Practices for Boosting the Bottom Line

Sustainable Practices Create a Healthier Environment for Cultivate Plants

Greenhouse Grower, June 2018

Hoffman Nursery and others in the industry shared their sustainable practices with Greenhouse Grower. From planting bioswales for water management to supporting local organizations, these nurseries are elevating the industry and aiming for a sustainable future.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Greenhouse Management, March 2018

Meet Hoffman Nursery's head grower Bill Hall in the March edition of Greenhouse Management. “The thing I like about working in this industry, particularly in growing, is that it requires elements of both science and art, coupled with working outdoors,” Hall says. “I derive a tremendous sense of accomplishment from producing a good crop of plants.”

Greenhouse Greats

Greenhouse Management, January 2018

In Greenhouse Management's January cover story, Hoffman Nursery is recognized for using automation to modernize our business and reduce reliance on a shrinking labor pool. Nursery Manager Scott Epps and Project Manager David Hoffman discuss the process we've gone through to make automation work for us. While not fully automated like some large-scale greenhouses, we are able to use technology to increase our production and improve quality. 

The Right Time for Sedges

American Nurseryman, November 2017

Customers are asking for plants that do more than just look good. Carex species provide lush ground cover, help manage stormwater, and provide support for wildlife. In the November issue of American Nurseryman, Hoffman Nursery's Shannon Currey and Zika Wolfe write about what sets sedges apart, the market for sedges and how to use them.

How This Plain Plant Can Play a Vital Role

Washington Post, Local Living, July 13, 2017

According to the Washington Post, sedges play key roles in the landscape. Hoffman Nursery talked with columnist Adrian Higgins about the popularity of sedges and their ability to bring a planting together.

Cultivate’17 Preview – Speaker Spotlight. Q&A: Shannon Currey

Nursery Management, June 2017

Nursery Management did Q&As with several speakers on the educational program for Cultivate'17. Hoffman Nursery's Marketing Director Shannon Currey talked with them about her upcoming talk, "Growing with Green Infrastructure." She discussed the value of green infrastructure and ways the industry can engage in this emerging market.

40 Under 40, Class of 2017: Emily Neas

Greenhouse Product News, May 2017

Every year, GPN recognizes 40 industry professionals under the age of 40 who are helping to determine the future of the horticulture industry. They're the movers and shakers. This year, Hoffman Nursery's Emily Neas has been recognized for her work as plant health specialist and her involvement in the nursery. Congrats to Emily!

Hoffman Nursery Cheers On the Next Generation of Horticulturists

Greenhouse Grower, April 2017

This March, more than 800 horticulture students converged on the Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, campus for the 41st National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC). John and Jill Hoffman were there to support and encourage them as they competed in real-world events such as annual and perennial plant identification, arboriculture techniques, landscape installation, and more Read about this inspiring event.

Hoffman Nursery Has a New Head Grower

Greenhouse Grower, February 2017

Bill Hall has joined Hoffman Nursery as our new Head Grower. Hall brings more than 30 years of experience in the horticulture industry to Hoffman. In the past, Hall has worked for Carolina Nurseries, AG 3, and ArborGen. Greenhouse Grower magazine recently caught up with Bill to ask him about the industry and his plans.

8 Tips for Healthy Propagation

Defending Against Disease [podcast]

Nursery Management, December 2016

Hoffman Nursery Manager Scott Epps talks about preventing disease during the propagation process. Learn what Hoffman Nursery does to get ahead of the diseases and get tips in this article and podcast.

5 Tips for Overwintering Grasses

Nursery Management, November 2016

Our website post was picked up and posted on Nursery Management's site this month. We give pointers for getting healthy, good-looking plants at the earliest possible time. 

How Building New Markets Can Reduce Dependency on Your Current Business [Opinion]

Greenhouse Grower, November 2016

Finding a new market and promoting green infrastructure is a win-win for our industry. Greenhouse Grower Editor Laura Drotleff talks about Hoffman Nursery as she discusses how seeing a need and filling it can be a smart move.

A matter of time

Recapping this year’s Perennial Plant Association Symposium

Greenhouse Management, November 2016

In an issue highlighting perennials, Editor Karen Varga quotes Hoffman Nursery's Shannon Currey. Varga notes that functional landscapes and other changes in our industry will soon become commonplace and expected. She also discusses Shannon's presentation at the Perennial Plant Association's 2016 Symposium. 

Hoffman Nursery Embarks On New Opportunities In Green Infrastructure

Greenhouse Grower, November 2016

Editor Laura Drotleff writes about advances at the nursery and our efforts to help develop the green infrastructure market for growers. Read how we've tried to innovate and lead in this new market, which we believe is vital to the future of our industry.

Industry Insight: Creating a Succession Plan

Industry Insight: Positioning Our Industry

Greenhouse Management, October 2016

Greenhouse Management unveiled their annual State of the Industry Report 2016 in the October issue. Magazine staff interviewed Hoffman Nursery owner Jill Hoffman and others for their insights.

How Hoffman Nursery Invests In Technology In Response To Increased Demand

Greenhouse Grower TECHNOLOGY, Sept/Oct 2016

To meet the increased demand for grasses, we have invested in automation and increasing the efficiency of our processes. Editor Laura Drotleff of Greenhouse Grower visited us and documented some of the technology we are using to help us grow. She wrote about it in Greenhouse Grower's TECHNOLOGY publication.

Strong Bonds

Nursery Management Supplement, Increasing Profits, August 2016

In the business world, there are vendors who are just another invoice number, and there are those who become true partners and friends. When it comes to the latter, this kind of relationship helps each business flourish. Panoramic Farm in Marshville, N.C., has such a partnership with neighboring grower, Hoffman Nursery. 

Know Your Market When Choosing Ornamental Grasses

Greenhouse Grower, April 2016

With so many ornamental grases available, how do busy growers choose the ones that will work for them? Even though grasses are very versatile, one size doesn't fit all. This article explores strategies for making smart choices in grass programs. Hoffman Nursery's marketing director chimes in on finding a strategy and following that market. 

A Broader Scope

Nursery Management, March 2016

An article by Brie Arthur in Nursery Management describes a broad view of green infrastructure. This growing trend offers many opportunities for the nursery industry. Arthur talked with Pat Cullina of Patrick Cullina Horticultural Design + Consulting in New York City. He's worked on a number of projects that fit the new approach, and he sees more room for expansion. The article also includes thoughts from Shannon Currey, Hoffman Nursery's marketing director, and with Steven Paulsen, owner of Native Roots in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Plant Power Couples

Greenhouse Management, January 2016

This cover story featured the Hoffmans, along with Candy and Lloyd Traven of Peace Tree Farm and Andrea and Richard Cleaver of Culberson Greenhouses. All three couples have established successful businesses in the green industry. They talk about their working relationships and the lessons they’ve learned together.

Green Infrastructure - Video Interview

Nursery Management, January 2016

At MANTS, Marketing Director Shannon Currey talked about green infrastructure with Brie Arthur. Brie was covering the trade show for Nursery Management, and they discussed some implications of this new market for the nursery industry.

We Could be Growing More Green Infrastructure Plants That Work

Greenhouse Grower, October 2015

At Cultivate’15, Shannon Currey, marketing director, shared results from a 2014 survey of low impact development practitioners. She said the horticulture industry is uniquely positioned and has the expertise to address some of the most common issues green infrastructure projects are having with plants.

Planting Grasses: Native Choices Make Themselves at Home in Midwest Gardens

Chicago Tribune, August 2015

Author Beth Botts discusses the availability of natives grasses for the Midwest that fit into modern landscapes. She talks with Mary Meyer, a professor and extension horticulturist for the University of Minnesota and Hoffman Nursery marketing director Shannon Currey.

Magan Agee Named to GPN’s 40 Under 40

Greenhouse Product News, June 2015

Magan Agee, our director of sales & marketing, was named to GPN’s 40 Under 40. GPN recognizes 40 industry professionals under the age of 40 who are helping to determine the future of the horticulture industry. These individuals are today’s movers and shakers who are already setting the pace for tomorrow.

Niche market: Finding a Niche

Nursery Management, May 2015

How Hoffman Nursery has added a new market for existing products by buying into the green infrastructure movement.

Product Pricing: Don’t Compete on Price

Nursery Management, May 2015

Hoffman Nursery’s approach to providing value to customers—price isn’t the only consideration.

Labor from Around the World

Nursery Management, May 2015

Labor is always one of the biggest challenges for growers. Hoffman Nursery has found success through unconventional means—hiring refugees through organizations that help these displaced people find work in the U.S.

Eco-Conscious Landscapes Fast Track the Rise of Grasses and Native Plants

Greenhouse Grower, April 2015

The demand for grasses and native plants continues to climb in direct proportion to a growing consciousness on consumers’ part that nature-based solutions can help solve man-made problems. “This is the next big market,” says Shannon Currey, marketing director at Hoffman Nursery. “We need to think ahead about how to meet the increased demand for natives and grasses that green infrastructure will bring to the market.” Greenhouse Grower highlights the changes in public perception and its effects on our industry.

Growing the Urban Landscape Market

American Nurseryman, November 2014

Green infrastructure offers the nursery industry a new market for plants and horticultural services. Our Marketing Director, Shannon Currey, co-authored this article with Debbie Hamrick, a colleague with NC Farm Bureau and advisor to the NC Green Industry Council (NCGIC).

Plant Materials - Green Guide: Panicum virgatum ‘Dallas Blues’

Nursery Management, November 2014

Switchgrass is a must-have in the landscape because of its versatility, therefore it’s essential to add to your production schedule. Nursery Management staff outline the benefits of this blue switchgrass with help from Hoffman Nursery.

John Hoffman Wins PPA Service Award

Nursery Management, August 2014

John Hoffman received the 2014 Service Award from the Perennial Plant association (PPA). The award was presented at the 32nd Perennial Plant Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio in July. The award recognizes a PPA member who has contributed considerable time and effort to the organization and has demonstrated leadership and outstanding service.

Field Notes: Carex pensylvanica

American Nurseryman, June 2014

Traditional turfgrass struggles in shady conditions, especially in competition with large trees. For a shady site that gets minimal foot traffic, this increasingly popular sedge is a great choice. Hoffman Nursery marketing director Shannon Currey profiles Pennsylvania Sedge.

What’s New with Ornamental Grasses - Podcast Interview

Grower Radio Network, Nursery Management, January 2014

Scott Epps, nursery manager, talks with Nursery Management editor, Matt McClellan, about several recent trends in the ornamental grass market.

Out of the Shadows

American Nurseryman, September 2013

It’s a common misconception that shaded gardens can’t support ornamental grasses. Hoffman Nursery’s Zika Wolfe writes about several selections thrive in shade and help bring that often-overlooked space to life.

Field Notes: Nassella tenuissima

American Nurseryman, July 2013

It was already her favorite grass, and then the photo from Piet Oudolf’s garden grabbed her and wouldn’t let go. Hoffman Nursery’s marketing director, Shannon Currey, describes this unusual grass with ultra-fine foliage and wispy charm.

The Changing Face of Ornamental Grasses

Greenhouse Grower, April, 2013

The traditional grass palette for greenhouse growers usually includes a few tender selections for color and popular genera like Pennisetum, Miscanthus and Festuca. Those plants are still valuable, and new, exciting varieties continue to emerge. But even more exciting is the changing demand for grasses. Shannon Currey, Hoffman Nursery’s marketing director, describes what’s happening with grasses.

Association Honors Hoffman Nursery

Nursery Management, February 2012

The North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association (NCNLA) recognized Hoffman Nursery by naming it Grower of the Year for 2011. “NCNLA is proud to present the 2011 Grower of the Year Award to Hoffman Nursery in recognition of more than 25 years of premium plant development and its expanded production facility,” said Ross Williams, NCNLA Executive Director. “The award also recognizes Hoffman’s active support of horticultural research, environmental stewardship, and community service.”

Using Banker Plants

Nursery Management, August 2011

To help keep thrips at bay, Hoffman Nursery turned to North Carolina State University to study the minute pirate bug (Orius insidiosus). They experimented with banker plants to attract Orius.

Hoffman Nursery, University Work to Solve Production Issues

Greenhouse Management, May 2011

Hoffman Nursery has a wealth of experience growing grasses, but when we needed solutions to production problems, we looked much closer to home—to the agricultural research and extension experts at N.C. State University. For more a more in-depth story, read about our collaborations in NC State’s CALS news article.

The Sedges Have It

Nursery Management, July 2010

Want a plant that is unusual, fun or just plain useful? Do you need just the right plant for dry or wet shade? How about an evergreen groundcover or lawn substitute? Look beyond the ordinary. Look for a sedge. John Hoffman and marketing director Shannon Currey write about sedges and their many uses.

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