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Who Can Buy Plants?

Do you sell directly to the public?

Hoffman Nursery sells wholesale only—we do not sell directly to the public. Our customers typically grow out our liner plants into quarts, gallons, and larger.

Who can purchase from Hoffman Nursery?

Our customers include plant nurseries, landscape professionals, designers, municipalities, government agencies, golf courses, and others in the horticultural industry. You must be able to present proof you are part of a horticultural or related business.

Placing an order with us

What is the minimum order?

There is a 10-tray minimum order requirement for first-time customers. No minimum is required after the first order.

How can I place my order?

Please call our sales team at 800-203-8590 or email with your order requests. For more ways to order, go to our ordering info.

When (how soon) should I place my order?

We accept orders as early as you would like to place them. We encourage our customers to book their plants once they know what they want to order. The more lead time we have, the better we can plan production to ensure availability. We can reserve your plants and ship them when you are ready to receive them.

Do you have online ordering?

We do not have online ordering. As part of our commitment to unsurpassed customer service, we prefer to deal directly with our customers by phone or through email. While the final decision is yours, our sales team can help guide plant choices and make sure the plants you request are available when you need them.

Do you split trays?

All trays must be of the same plant. We are unable to split trays into different varieties.

Getting the plants to you 

Do you offer delivery?

You can get plants from us in several ways. The shipping method depends on several factors, including tray quantity and destination. We will choose the method that is most cost-effective and charge actual freight costs. We offer contract trucking for the largest orders, rack and pallet shipments for mid-size orders, and boxed shipments via FedEx Ground for smaller orders. Pick-ups can be arranged for any size shipment. See our Shipping page for details on all our shipping methods.

Where do you ship?

We ship to the U.S. and to Canada. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Hawaii, Oregon, and Idaho.

Can I drop in and pick up plants?

Plant pick-ups must be arranged in advance. Because we schedule out all our shipments, we need enough notice include your pick-up in the schedule and pull your plants. Call or email our sales team if you would like to pick up your order.

How much does it cost to ship plants?

Shipping costs are based on weight and distance, and are determined by the shipping carrier. We can estimate freight; however, we will not know final costs until after the plants have shipped. Hoffman Nursery adds box charges and a handling charge to actual freight costs. See our Shipping section for more information.

Plants we grow and sizes we offer

What plants do you grow?

Hoffman Nursery specializes in ornamental and native grasses and sedges. We also grow a few other grasslike plants, such as Acorus and Equisetum. Learn more about our most popular plants groups or browse our entire plant list.

What size plants do you grow?

Our liner plants are sold in 18, 32, or 50 plants per tray. Smaller sizes, such as 72 plants per tray, are sometimes available. Approximate dimensions are: 18s—3.25”x3.5”, vol. 28 cubic inches; 32s—2.45”x3.05”, vol. 11.17 cubic inches; and 50s—1.9” x 2.37”, vol. 6.77 cubic inches. Dimensions are based on vendor specs and are subject to change without notice.

How can I see what's currently available?

You can download availability lists from our website here. You can also sign up to receive availability by email weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. In addition, our sales team is happy to email a current availability list to you upon request.

Does Hoffman Nursery carry gallon-sized plants or larger?

Hoffman Nursery does not sell larger-sized, finished plants. Our young plants are fully rooted and ready to be finished by our customers, or be planted in the landscape as a cost-effective alternative to larger plants.

Can you custom grow?

We’re happy to discuss custom growing sizes or plants we do not have in inventory. Smaller sizes, such as 72s or 288 flats of seed-grown crops often have a quick turn-around time. Other requests may need from several weeks to several months advanced notice. Please call or email with custom growing requests. See sizes we offer for more information.

Prices and payment

Where do I find prices?

You can download a price list from our website here. Please note these prices are wholesale, list prices and are not available to the public. Quantity discounts are available. Call (800-203-8590) or email our sales team to see if your order qualifies.

What does liner pricing include?

Liner plants are priced individually. When licensors require we send tags for each plant, the cost of tags is included in the liner price. Royalty fees for patented plants are added to the individual liner price. Handling charges, box fees, and shipping charges are added to the cost of the plants. 

Can you bill me for my order?

You can request a credit account by submitting a credit application. Please allow two weeks for processing. All credit accounts are net 30 days. We reserve the right to cancel credit at any time. You may download a credit application or email, or call 800-203-8590 to request an application.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Your credit card will be charged the day of your shipment. For your protection, we do not keep your credit card information on file. Find more payment information on our Ordering info page.

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