Six reasons to work with us

Why Choose Hoffman Nursery?


Strong liners for a fast, low-cost finish

Healthy, well-rooted liners arrive in prime condition, ready to pot up or plant in the landscape. 

Provide a good growing environment, and the liner will do the work.

Less hassle and lower inputs save you time and resources.

Our goal is to grow a plant that's ready to go. We watch our crops and pay attention to every stage in the processfrom stock to finished liner. What goes out the door must be the best.

Bill Hall, Head Grower


Reliable, consistent plants from good stock

Each tray begins with strong, healthy stock.

Stock plants must meet quality standards after screening and grading early in the production stream.

Because we screen for consistency at the beginning, each tray is uniform. And you get a better quality finish at the end.

Our lean, efficient production techniques keep costs down while maintaining consistent quality. That means better plants and lower costs for our customers.

Brice Davis, Production Manager


Worry-free plants

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to focus on eliminating root causes of pests.

 An intensive scouting program catches problems before they become alarming. We can address problems early and use the safest remedies possible.

And you receive clean, pest-free plants grown with minimal environmental impact. 

We strive for a better understanding of plant diseases, smart growing practices, and finding advanced products that are safer and effective. That gives you a healthy, high-quality plant.

Mike Harrison, Plant Health Coordinator


A sales team that does more

Your time is valuable.

That's why our sales team makes communication a priority. You know ahead of time what's on order and when it's shipping. 

And there are no surprises—you'll know about changes before they happen.

We follow up with a courtesy call to check on your plants and answer your questions. 

Our plant knowledge and expertise help you make sound choices for your growing program. When you’re successful, we’re successful.

Magan Ellixson, Director of Sales & Customer Service


Support & expertise from our experienced team

Let us help you select, plan, and schedule the best grasses for your growing program or project. Whether novice or beginner, growers can benefit from discussing options with our experienced staff.

We can help you tap into new markets for grasses, such as green infrastructure, and help guide your growing choices.

Rely on us to answer your questions and offer solutions.

Our priority is to give you information that matters. Our website, catalog, and GrassSolutions™ newsletter bring you content you can use.

Shannon Currey, Marketing Director

We care about plants, plant quality, the nursery, and our customers

Our Core Purpose:

To promote better living through plants. 

Our Core Values:

Be nice · Keep getting better · Do the right thing · Learn something new every day · Make it count · Celebrate success · All in

Our core purpose and values define who we are as a company. They give us a framework for always improving, growing the best plants possible, and giving our customers the support they need to succeed.

Jill & John Hoffman, Vice President & President

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