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Why Choose Hoffman Nursery?

With Hoffman Nursery, you get:

Fast finish times and easy establishment. Healthy, well-rooted liners arrive in prime condition, ready to pot up or plant in the landscape. Low input costs from start to finish make your job easier.

Consistent plants made from consistent stock. We use techniques that bring quality and reliability to every step of production. That includes increasing efficiency and reducing waste, which translates to faster crop turnover and a better price for you.

Plants that are weed and disease free—worry free, too. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) focuses on eliminating the root causes of pests. We take pride in maintaining a clean nursery and proper growing conditions to ensure your plants are healthy and pest-free. Partnerships with North Carolina State University faculty and students in the fields of Horticultural Science, Weed Science, Plant Pathology, and Entomology keep us abreast of the latest research.

An educated team that cares deeply about plant quality. Our growing and production teams are trained to make sure each person understands the steps in the process. Regular safety meetings instill sound work habits, and employees get continuing education. Every liner you receive is infused with that knowledge and experience.

Support and expertise to help you succeed. Our experienced staff will answer your questions and offer solutions. Let us help select, plan, and schedule the best grasses for your growing program or project. Join us in exploring new markets—including green infrastructure—and promoting the value of the plants our industry produces. 

A sales team that strives to understand your needs. We know your time is important. Order acknowledgements help you know what’s coming, and we contact you prior to shipment so you know when your order is shipping. No surprises. Just clear communication. A courtesy follow-up call lets us answer any of your questions and make sure everything arrived in good condition.

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