Fully rooted, fast-finishing liners

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Hoffman Nursery Liners

32s32 liners per tray. Almost every plant we grow is offered in this size, and it's our most popular. A sound choice for 1- or 2-gallon containers. Plant in the landscape for economical coverage of large areas.

Liner size: 2.22–2.45" (w) x 3.05–4" (h); vol. 10.07–11.17 cu. in.

18s18 liners per tray. Good for 2- or 3-gallon containers, or in 1-gallons for a quick finish. Direct plant in landscape for an economical alternative to larger containers.

Liner size: 3.25" (w) x 3.50" (h); vol. 28 cu. in.

72s—72 liners per tray. An efficient size for producing large quantities of popular varieties. Pot up to quarts or 1-gallon containers.

Liner size: 1.52" (w) x 2.25" (h); vol. 3.6 cu. in.

Pot dimensions are based on vendor specifications and are subject to change without notice.


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Custom Growing

If you do not see a size or plant you need, we will happily give you a quote to custom grow your order. Smaller sizes, such as 288 flats of seed-grown crops, often take a short time to produce; however, other requests may need several weeks to several months advance notice.

Terms for custom growing are based on the plant requested, size, and quantity. We ask you to accept delivery of your plants when they are ready, and we require a non-refundable deposit. Please call 800-203-8590 or email with your custom growing requests.

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