Shade Solution with Carex pensylvanica

Carex pensylvanica
Pennsylvania Sedge creates a soft, lush ground cover for shade

Finding the right plants to fill a shady spot can be tough, especially in dry shade. Fortunately, Carex pensylvanica solves the shade selection problem.

A Green Carpet

Pennsylvania Sedge will handle a range of soil types and spreads slowly by rhizomes. As it spreads, it forms a green carpet with a soft, lush look. The slender foliage arches gracefully, and intricate blooms emerge in spring. Native to Eastern North America, Carex pensylvanica grows under hardwood forest canopies, forest edges, savannas, mountain balds, and in rocky or sandy openings.

Tough and Versatile

The delicate look of this sedge belies its workhorse nature. Carex pensylvanica fits shady sites perfectly as a ground cover or as base layer for taller perennials. Or, tuck it into mixed plantings as a filler. It’s also increasingly popular as a no-mow lawn alternative for shade.

Pennsylvania Sedge performs beautifully in our dry shade garden at the nursery. As a cool season plant, it slows down in summer but perks up as temperatures cool into fall. In general, this sedge does best in well-drained, dry to medium soils. It often makes its home near oaks, earning it an alternative common name of Oak Sedge.

Because Carex pensylvanica has been so popular, we’ve made sure we have plenty!

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Carex pensylvanica as a lawn alternative
Use Pennsylvania Sedge as a no-mow lawn alternative for shady areas. Photo courtesy of Dale Batchelor of Gardener by Nature, who calls this a “lawnlet.”

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